First I would like to Thank you for allowing me to take your photos on Feb 10th at the Daddy Daughter Dance for 2018. Included with the price of admission are 5 downloadable images from my website. Once you login you will see two galleries. One is from the Portrait session and the other is from random photos from the dance taken by my assistant. To download your photos from my website you will be required to login (or create an account) on my website and apply a coupon code at checkout to receive your 5 FREE Photos. If you would like to purchase additional prints or additional photos to download you will need to click the link at the bottom of this email and complete your additional purchases. The cost for any additional downloaded High resolution image is $5 each. All online sales money will be donated back to Mrs McQuese to help support HOSA.

To Download your Photos

1. Click the link -

2. Login using the name and email below ( If do not already have an account you must create one) Please use the Name and email address you gave at the dance on the signup sheet

3. Once logged in locate the Search button on the bottom right of your screen. Type in the word "daddy" without the quotes. Press enter.

4. Click the Daddy Daughter Dance Album. You will see 2 galleries one for the Portraits and one for the Dance. Click on the gallery of your choice and add the 5 photos to download to your cart. You may chose ONLY 5 photos from either gallery. If you add more than 5 your order will be cancelled and you will need to complete checkout again.

5. After the 5 photos are added you must complete the checkout process, Accept the License Agreement , and enter the Coupon below exactly as it is shown in your email. Note: (Coupon Codes can only be used once and will expire after May 1st 2018)

6. Once you enter the Coupon Code the Total amount Due will be reduced to $0 and you can now place your order. 

7. Once the order has been placed I will have to approve it. I try my best to approve all orders as quickly as possible but it can take up to 24hrs for it to be approved. Once approved you will receive an email with further instructions to download your photos without my watermark from the server. You have 30 days to download your photos.

To place an order for additional prints or downloads click the link below

If you have any questions or need further assistance please text me and I will help resolve your issue as quickly as I can.

Thanks. Enjoy your FREE photos
( Please Share your photos on Social media and tag me if you would like to do so)

Robert McQuese
Cell- 706-936-7177