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I added a feature to my website that allows parents and students full access to all of the photos I take during a given sport season. You pay one fee and you have access to download and print the photos as many times as you like. Each member will be required to login on my website before they are granted access to the non-water marked photos. Your membership also includes a copyright release from me that gives you the ability to have your photos printed at any location. As a member you agree to download only the photos of yourself or family member playing the sport and are not allowed to download or share photos located in the 2016 PhotoPass Gallery.

Regular Price of the PhotoPass is 39.99 but I will be offerring it for $29.99 until the regular season starts. The sale ends 8/26/2016. This is the same cost as 6 downloaded High resolution photographs from my website. The PhotoPass is only valid for a given season of the sport played and a new Photo Pass will be required for the next sport i.e. Basketball. If you signed up for a PhotoPass last year then you still have access to all of those photos but will be required to purchase a new PhotoPass for 2016 season.

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Extra Savings
If you have already signed up on my website with a valid email address please monitor your Inbox for additional savings. If you have not signed up and would like to receive these saving simply create an account now with a valid email address and you will be added to the mailing list for additional savings.

All photos are tracked so there will not be any photo sharing between family and friends. If you are caught sharing between friends and family without proper authorization from RM Photography your PhotoPass will be suspended until the next sport begins.