Guestbook for Pepperell 2015
RM Photography
I am still in the process of uploading and editing photos of this event. I took about 3200 photos at this event and it takes time to process and upload all of the pics. If anyone wants a DVD of all of the photos for your team I will be adding it shortly to the pricelist. I will also made a video of most of the teams. This was my first ever cheerleading event and I was not prepared for this many teams and my battery for camcorder died about 3/4 into the competition. If you want a video of your team for this event of YOUR TEAM ONLY ( must be able to verify team because this is a competition) I will be selling those as well.

If you would like to purchase a DVD of up coming week competition they will be available in advance for $25 each prior to the day of the event. They will be $30 the day of or after the event. You will get all pics and video of the event plus a copyright release allowing you to print images at your favorite location. Please email me if you are with the subject Carrollton Competition. thank you for viewing the images.
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